Uniform Design

Why does my company need a uniform?

⇒ Uniforms have many benefits apart from instant brand awareness of your company. Uniforms promote team building, social equality and loyalty towards company. It significantly improves your company's professional image. Apart from these many professions involve risky operations which are impossible without a customised safety ensured uniform. Cleopatra excels in designing uniforms that not only boosts professional image of company but also ensures safety and comfort of your employees.

What uniforms do you manufacture?

⇒ We manufacture uniforms for corporate industry, security and military organizations, medical and hospitality industries. For more information see the complete list of our products.

Can we customise the uniforms with company's logo and pattern?

⇒ Yes. You can absolutely customise the uniforms. You can change the logo, color palette, pattern and fabric as per your requirements. Please contact our sales office for more details. .

Do you manufacture accessories alongwith uniforms ?

⇒ Yes. Cleopatra manufactures wide range of accesories to suit all uniforms. For more information see complete list of products. .

Do you make uniforms for female employees?

⇒ Yes. We design and manufacture uniforms for females employees to suit their professional needs. For more information see complete list of products. .

Uniform Quality

How good is the quality of your uniforms?

⇒ At Cleopatra, we guarantee the quality of every garment we manufacture. Our design team maintains information on every aspect of your uniform so it will be exactly the same as the sample every time you order. And our sales staff will respond promptly if you ever find a problem with the quality of uniforms and ensure that you will have the fault repaired, replaced or credited.

Are the uniforms compliant with the Occupational Safety Laws & Regulations?

⇒ Yes. All the Uniforms manufactured at Cleopatra are compliant with Occupational Safety Laws and Regulations. .

Uniform Measurements

How do you take measurements for a uniform?

⇒ The best way to ensure a proper fit is to take your measurements. Use the basic instructions given in our Measurement Chart to learn the easy steps for each measurement. Be sure to measure your body and not over clothing. Hold tape measure close but not tight against the body. Sizing charts are based on the standardized measurements of the manufacturer.

I am ready to place my order but I am unsure of what sizes to order?

⇒ We understand that the same size may be a different fit depending on the kind of uniform. We provide a sample garment size range when we design and manufacture your uniforms. Contact our Sales Team to discuss your requirements.

What can you do for someone who needs very large/small or special fit garments?

⇒ While manufacturing your uniforms at Cleopatra you can order a Custom Size service where ,for an additional charge, we make a small quantity of items in the needed size. This is a specialist service and additional time will be required for delivery. Contact our Sales Team to discuss your requirements.

Garment Care

What are the wash/ care instructions for the uniforms?

⇒ All Uniforms comes with Care Labels. Follow the Garment Care Guide for more details.

Does Fire-Resistant Uniform need special care?

⇒ Yes. Fire Resistant Uniforms are made with Nomex ® Fabric which requires special care. Follow the FR Garments Care Instruction Manual for more details.

Sales and Order

When can I see samples of your uniforms?

⇒ Contact our Sales Team to arrange a suitable time for an appointment and discuss the sample items you would like to see at that time.

We have an event where we need uniforms; can you guarantee delivery by this date?

⇒ We understand that certain orders may be required for specific dates. While we will always try to supply orders before or on time this may not be possible depending on the factors outside our complete control – stock/ fabric availability, manufacturing times and international / local shipping. If you have a specific deadline you need to meet, please alert our Sales Team before placing your order.

What is the bulk order capacity of Cleopatra at present?

⇒ Cleopatra manufactures more than 120,000 units of uniform currently.