Industry Introduction

Textile industry is considered one of the major industries in the world. It includes: men, women teenage and children clothes. It includes also fur, embroidery, hats, jewels, pearls, shoes, women sacks, gloves, buttons, clips, zips, underwear, nightwear, sportswear.. etc. London, New York, Paris and Milan are considered the biggest fashion centers in the world and the United States of America at the top of world countries in clothes production and industry. USA has 24,000 factories for clothes using about 1,400,000 workers, 10,500 factories of these factories are specialized in women clothes most of them are small factories. Small and medium factories use about 100 workers where other factories use about one thousand worker.

Raw Materials

Clothes raw materials are consisted of natural and fabricated materials. Thousands of years before, man used natural materials like animal furs and fabricated materials like plastic and synthetic fibers. These materials were introduced in clothes industry in the 20th centuy.

Natural Materials

Natural materials include fur, natural leathers and fabrics manufactured from plants or animal wools. Warm and long clothes are manufactured from some materials like fur and leathers and these raw materials are used the fabrication of expensive clothes and luxury clothes. Mammals provide clothes industry with fur and leathers are got from mammals or cold blooded animals. Fur is used in manufacturing of coats or parts of like lining or stuffing, where the lining is known as Mouton i.e. the inner parts of coats. Sheep leather is used in stuffing suits. These coats are in which sheep leather is entered in its fabrication are warm. Biting Chinchila is a kind of soft clothes but not warming. Before fabrication, fur should be tanned, dying or coloring. Most of leathers are used in shoes, handbags and gloves and sometimes it is used in manufacturing of what they call sweaters, trousers, skirts and paneling. Tanning factories tan leather to make it soft and flexible and protect it from damaging. Most of cow hide are entered in the manufacturing of clothes. Other natural materials like cotton, linen and silk are widely used in manufacturing clothes as these raw materials are rigid and flexibly used as its clothes are characterized with good quality which makes it popularly desired. Silk is characterized with softness and shining and wool with warmth. Various kinds of fabrics are woven from cotton, linen, silk and wool fibers. Different weaving machines produce raw materials used in the manufacturing of clothes. Weaving of wool are executed through twisting and pressing of wool hairs together to produce woolen warm or damp fabrics. There are other kinds of fibers that can't be woven by pressing method without adding adhesives. Cotton fibers are extracted cotton plant and linen also which is got from the linen stalks. Silk fibers are one of the strongest natural materials. Sheep provide most wool used in people clothes which can be got from Albaka animal in southern America and other kinds of sheep provide people with wool.

Ready Made Clothes

Most of clothes used by people are ready made clothes. Wholesale production method saves much time and effort in the manufacture of clothes and save money which was spent on stitching or designing.

Fabricated Materials

Fabricated materials which enter in clothes industry include: papers, plastic, rubber and synthetic fibers. Clothes factories use these fabricated materials as it exceeds natural materials as some of it are rigid and shrink free or less cost than natural materials. French Chemist and inventor/ Shardoneh 1884 could achieve the first detection in materials fabricated from fibers and his new discovery was called Rayon. USA is considered the first country which used fibers discovery of Shardoneh in the manufacturing of silk in 1910, In 1924 Rayon was discovered and scientists developed other fibers which were known as manufactured products. Chemists succeeded in the development of manufactured products of natural materials of by mixing two or more of other manufactured products like nylon and polyester. It is noticed nowadays that most of synthetic fibers widely used are mix of natural and manufactured materials. These industrial compounds are found in cotton with polyester, wool with nylon. The new compound bears the characters of materials manufactured of wool and nylon: warmth and shrinking free. The first character is coming from wool and the second one from nylon. Some manufactured materials are less used in cloth industry like paper, plastic and rubber compared with materials industrially missed, Chemical material factories are producing some manufactured materials like paper from synthetic fibers using adhesives. Other fabricated materials are produced by mixing synthetic fibers with natural fibers or Rayon. The compound will melt when exposed to heat and consists new material or synthetic fibers when it freezes. These materials manufactured fromsynthetic fibers widely use disposable materials which are disposed after use like napkins and dinning papers ..etc. Paper is used also in disposable clothes like diapers, underwear and rain clothes. Clothes factories use fabricated materials like plastic in the production of handbags, raincoats and shoes. Rubber is mainly entered in these products as it is characterized with flexibility and long life, and also in the production of waterproof clothes like gloves and heavy shoes (boots). Fashion designer uses computer graphic in fashion designing which are real graphic pictures.