Made -To- Measure Uniforms.

Tailored to your individualized measurements, we guarantee you the perfect fit every time you order. All our items are expertly designed,cut, stitched and hand finished by our team of highly skilled tailors. Each and every garment is individually sketched from the initial outlining pattern, fabric cuttings to the final stitching to suit your body size and shape. We offer you the convenience of ordering perfectly tailored clothing from your site. We will come to take measures and deliver tailored work wear at your desired location.

Client Measurement Database.

You will have your measurements taken once, and you will recieve a perfectly tailored uniform everytime you order. We maintain clients measurements database that includes preferences and specifications while maintaining the confidentiality.

Total Solution to customer's uniform orders.

A tailored suit alone cannot complete a uniform and hence we provide all the kinds of accessories and gears that are designed for the bespoke work wear. See the list of our accesories Here.


We understand that you want a uniform that can best define your business reputation and culture. We design uniforms, according to your needs and specifications. Contact us for knowing ordering procedures and testing methods.

Whom We Serve?

Corporate Companies

Services include Suits, Jackets, Pants, Skirts, Blouses, Shirts, Ties, Scarfs, etc.

Restaurants & Hotels Industries

Services include Uniforms for F&B, Front Desk, House Keeping, Chefs, Maintenance, Security, Salon, Spas, etc.

Construction & Industrial Companies

Service include Coveralls, Overalls, Safety Vests, Shoes, Helmets, etc.

Hospitals, Laboratories & Pharmacies

Services include Lab Coats, Doctors Coats, Nurse Uniforms, Scrubs, etc.

Manufacturing Women's Abaya

Cleopatra introduces its newest section which allows women to manufacture their own Abaya according to their requirements. Our expert team will help guide you step by step until you reach the desired product. See it, feel it and introduce it to the world!